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Investing in bitcoin is not complicated as people describe it. Their few bitcoin wallets where you buy or sell your bitcoin. As we all know that the price of bitcoin to the rand is worth a too much. Buying bitcoin now will be beneficial for you at later stage in life. Because can be worth a million per bitcoin in 10 years’ time. You need to be careful their too many scams around the bitcoin world. Online trading will remain your loyal website with Tips on how to invest in Bitcoin.

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The Big Question Now is How to invest in Bitcoins

Create an account with one of the Bitcoin wallets or providers:

37coins2013US – Sunnyvale, Californiawallet providerdefunct, 2015
Airbitz2014US – San Diego, Californiawallet provider
ANX2013China – Hong Kongbitcoin exchange
BIPS2011Denmark – Copenhagenpayment service providerdefunct, 2014; acquired by Coinify
Bitcoin.comJapan – Tokyobitcoin exchange, wallet provider
Bitcoin Suisse AG2013Switzerland – Zugbroker, asset management, trading, financial services, payment gateway services, mining[2][3]
BitGo2013US – San Francisco, Californiamultisignature security platform for bitcoin
BitInstant2011US – New York, New Yorkbitcoin exchangedefunct, 2014
BitPay2011US – Atlanta, Georgiapayment service provider
BitPesa2013Kenya – Nairobibitcoin exchange
Bitreserve2013US – Charleston, South Carolinawallet provider
Bitstamp2011Luxembourgbitcoin exchange
Bitwage2014US – San Francisco, Californiabitcoin payroll, international payroll[4]
Bitwala2015Germany – Berlinbitcoin debit card, international transfers, bitcoin wallet[5]
Luno2013UK – Londonbitcoin exchange, wallet provider
Blockchain.info2011Luxembourgwallet provider
Blockstream2014US – San FranciscoCaliforniasoftware
BTC-e2011Russiabitcoin exchange
BTC Markets2013Melbourne,Australiabitcoin exchange
BTCJam2013US – San Francisco, Californiapeer-to-peer lendingdefunct, 2017[6]
BTCS2013US – Arlington, Virginiamining, wallet provider
Btc.sx2013UK – Londonbitcoin exchange
Buttercoin2013US – Palo Alto, Californiabitcoin exchangedefunct, 2015
CEX.IO2013UK – Londonbitcoin exchange
ChangeTip2013US – San Francisco, Californiamicropayments[7]acquired by Airbnb [8]
Circle2013US – Boston, Massachusettswallet provider
CloudHashing2013UK – Londoncloud mining
coin co2014US – New York, New Yorkpayment service provider
Coinbase2012US – San Francisco, Californiawallet provider, bitcoin exchange
Coincheck2014Japan – Tokyobitcoin/ether exchange, wallet provider, payment service provider, donation-based bitcoin crowdfunding
CoinDesk2013UK – Londonnews
Coinfloor2013UK – Londonbitcoin exchange
Coinify2014Denmark – Copenhagenpayment service provider, bitcoin exchange[9][10][11]
Coins.ph2014Philippines – Metro Manilawallet provider
Cointelegraph2013UK – Londonnews
CryptoCoinsNews2013Norway – Oslonews
Digital Asset Holdings2014US – New York, New Yorkblockchain financial services
Gatecoin2013China – Hong Kongbitcoin exchange
Gemini2015US – New York CityBitcoin and Ethereum exchange
General Bytes2013Czech Republic – Praguebitcoin ATM and point of sale (POS) manufacturer
Ghash.io2013UK – Londonmining pool
Huobi2013China – Beijingbitcoin exchange
Kraken2011US – San Francisco, Californiabitcoin exchange[12][13][14]
LibertyX2013US – Boston, Massachusettscash-based bitcoin exchangeformerly known as Liberty Teller
LocalBitcoins2012Finland – Helsinkiover-the-counter trading
Magnr2015UK – Londontrading, savings and investment platformformerly known as
Mt. Gox2010Japan – Tokyobitcoin exchangedefunct, 2014
OKCoin2013China – Beijingbitcoin exchange
OKEX2014China – Beijing
Pantera Capital2003US – San Francisco, Californiaventure capitalswitched to Bitcoin in 2014
Poloniex2014USA – Wilmington, Delawarebitcoin exchange
R32014US – New York, New Yorkblockchain financial systems
Satoshi Citadel Industries2014Philippines – Makatiholding company
SearchTrade2015SingaporeSearch Engine [15][16][17]
ShapeShift2013SwitzerlandDigital currency exchange
Tidbit2013US – Boston, Massachusettsmining
Wirex2015UK – Londonbitcoin debit card, remittances, mobile banking
Xapo2014Switzerland – Zürichwallet provider, bitcoin exchange, vault, debit card


What is the minimum about of the Bitcoin purchase in south Africa?

Usually starting price is R10 and if you need you can always purchase more coins for yourself.