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Mobile trading is the same thing as desktop trading, the only difference is that mobile trading is done through the phone. Mobile trading enables traders to access online trading platforms from their Smartphone rather than desktops which are not mobile. This also allows users to easily access their accounts even they are travelling or away from their laptop or a personal computer.


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These days you can do almost anything on your smart-phone. Mobile phones bring some advantages and disadvantages to the online trading market. Investors and traders can also install online trading apps on their phones just like bank apps. The app comes with features such as registrations, deposit, social trading notifications and many more.While mobile devices such as iPhone, Samsung, Blackberry, HTC, Tablets, and Windows Phones enabled traders to check the stock market’s performances, mobile trading apps give access to online trading platforms that can be used to perform trades right away.

Mobile Online Trading is one of the most convenient way to trade when you are on the go. Our clients have evolved from just having a website to give you the opportunity to trade on mobile applications whether your using an iOS Devices or Android we have you covered. 75% of south Africans use mobile devices or cell phones to do their Online Trading.

How you Download the Trading Application

  • Go to the Google Play Store to get android Application Start Trading.
  • Go the I Store and search for the application and download it and start Trading.

Benefits of using Mobile Application

  • Trade on the way.
  • Trade at your Time.
  • Easy to use deal ticket
  • One click dealing
  • Switch between pairs view,
  • small or large lists
  • Trade straight from charts
  • Access more than 19,000 markets on all devices
  • Customize your dealing to suit your style and preferences.

Addiction of mobile trading

It’s easier to get addicted to your mobile app just like you switching between WhatsApp, Instagram and Twitter all the time. For example, you download the online trading app on your smartphone. You then start accessing the app anywhere and even show your friends. You will think the app is cool because you can access it anywhere and anytime you want. Little do you know you’re in for a while. For those who realise it quickly, they avoid it before it’s too late by breaking the addiction.

Reasons people love mobile trading apps

Different people love mobile trading for different reasons but some people end up abusing the apps by not using them correctly. Having an app is like walking around with a stash of cash in your pocket and it protects you because criminals won’t take hard-cash even if they were to rob you. Your money is safe just like on bank apps. Also, if you had real money in pockets, you were going to be tempted and spend the money on something.

Common reasons traders love mobile trading apps:

  • Time – mobile trading apps are not time consuming. Most people who are too busy to access their laptops or computer prefer mobile apps because they can do it anywhere and anytime. However, pro traders use the apps as a monitoring tool so that they know what’s happening in the market.
  • Place – you trade on your mobile anytime and anywhere including in bed. But if you feel like sleeping, sleep so that being sleepy doesn’t cloud your decision making process. You can easily lose sleep because of money.

How to use your mobile trading app properly

Mobile trading apps are good for mobile trading and we have some compiled some of the uses that these apps are good for:

  • Exiting a position – traders can see a compelling reason to exit a trade while checking on their application. However, if you are not a seasoned trader, you need to be careful of this strategy but mobile trading apps allow people to exit a trade at a better position.
  • Monitor – you can monitor (check) a trade that you’re in a couple of times for the day but not to excess.
  • Mobile – mobile apps play a pivotal role in many traders’ lives and they can access it anytime. However, if you are travelling and don’t have enough time to trade, rather wait until you find free time so that your focus will be sharp.
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