Thanks to detailed fact sheets for each major stock asset, stock indexes, the best international stock market shares, commodities such as oil will no longer have any secrets for you and you will be able to easily analyze them to realize many profits in online traders. Check out their quote information, live price analysis and more.

Trading on stock assets

If stock market trading is of interest to many individuals who want to invest their money in assets to generate greater profits than by using simple savings products, few investors are sufficiently informed and supported to make real profits on the market. Financial markets. Our trading website has been specifically created to help novice traders and to support them throughout their online trading experience, whether through online banks or trading platforms. All aspects of stock market speculation are discussed to provide clear and simple answers to all your questions.
Introduction to the stock market:

To understand how the stock market works, nothing like a series of articles devoted to all the important points and which will explain to you step by step everything you need to know about the stock market in general. In addition to our site, our partner, offers you a guide for everything related to the purchase of shares with CFDs.

Know the assets and analyze the markets:

On our site, you will also find complete information about all the assets on which you will be able to invest, whether stocks, indices, bonds or currencies or of raw materials like the oil market. Knowing all these values ​​will allow you to intelligently diversify your portfolio and thus increase your chances of profit.

But just knowing these assets will not be enough for you to become a good trader. This will require you to understand the usefulness of technical market analysis. Once again, the site will be of great help to you, as we approach all aspects of market analysis in a simple and accessible way to help you put in place effective strategies.

Choose your intermediary and trading instruments:

To speculate on the stock market, you will of course have to choose the method that suits you best between the investment products of online banks and the trading platforms of brokers or brokers. To help you, you will find on this site a comparison of the big names of these two sectors with for each their specificities, advantages and disadvantages.

Of course, we will also explain in detail the various investment products and trading instruments so that you can choose the ones that best meet your expectations.

Trading the Stock Exchange Online with Online Banks:

As you probably know already, in recent years, a new phenomenon has upset the banking sector with the arrival of banks online. These banks are indeed real banking institutions with the difference that they do not have physical agencies like traditional banks but only work online thanks to secure interfaces accessible 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.

Of course, these banks offer, in the same way as conventional banks, investment products on the stock market to invest in the financial markets. You will find the most popular products such as securities accounts, PEA or life insurance.

One of the advantages of subscribing to this type of investment through an online bank is that you can access your accounts and retail your investments whenever you want and without any intermediary. Online banking platforms allow direct order placement and the buying and selling of securities online without having to make an appointment with an advisor, which saves valuable time. You can also follow the evolution of your assets live and access many tools for analysis, information and decision support. Of course, you can also, if you wish, call on a dedicated adviser who will guide you in your choices and advise you in your investments for a better management of your capital.

On this site you will find all the information you will need to trade the stock market online through online banks with the various products available and some investment tips.
Trading the Stock Exchange Online with CFDs:

Another way to trade the increasingly popular online stock market is the use of CFDs. These difference contracts are indeed offered by many online brokers who have modern and intuitive trading platforms suitable for all types of investors.

CFDs make it possible to invest money on various assets such as equities, currency pairs, commodities or bonds. The operation of these contracts is relatively simple. Simply place a buy or sell position on a given asset and close your position when the price of that asset reaches a goal that you find satisfactory. The difference between the price of the asset at the opening of your position and its price at the close of your position here represents your gain or loss.

CFDs have many advantages including:

  • Simplicity of use
  • Intuitive analysis and decision support tools
  • The opportunity to invest in international stock markets
  • Leverage that increases your earnings
  • The opportunity to make money even when the market is bearish because you can take a position directly for sale
  • An interface to access markets in real time and track your live positions
  • Trading signals and other useful features like demo accounts, social trading or auto trading
  • Unlike investment banking products, CFDs do not require you to actually own your assets because you simply speculate on the course of their course. You will find on our website a lot of information about CFDs and their use, as well as some tips to make the best use of them and put in place your first investments.

Thanks to the solutions now offered by banks and the advent of online trading platforms, it is now accessible for individuals to make financial investments independently. Among the assets that can be traded in this way, there are of course stock market shares, but also other types of assets such as currencies, commodities or stock market indices. So is investing in stocks a good idea?

The benefits of investing in stocks:

There are, of course, many advantages to investing in the stock market through stock market trading. Perhaps most important is the ease of finding information about companies that issue these titles and about their performance. Indeed, the accounts of these companies, whether French or international, are generally accessible online in detail.

In addition, it is sometimes possible to analyze the forecast of an increase in the price of these actions due to a new innovation or a new product. Finally, this type of asset offers advantages in terms of fundamental analysis.

In terms of technical analysis, it is also facilitated by the presence of detailed and customizable stock charts, also online.

The disadvantages of investing in stocks:

If you trade on the stock market, it is also possible that you face some disadvantages. Among these disadvantages, we find the low volatility of this type of asset, compared to other types of assets that show faster and wider movements.

It is therefore difficult to make significant profits by simply holding a portfolio of shares. To make profits on the stock market, it is therefore necessary to have a solid knowledge of online speculation and the various tools available to you on trading platforms.

How to invest in stocks profitably:

As we have just seen, investing in equities is not always very profitable when you just hold a stock market with a bank. Fortunately, some smart strategies can be put in place to speculate on stock prices without having to actually buy those stocks.

Some trading instruments will allow you to take up or down positions on stock prices, such as CFDs that work both when the trend is positive or negative with an appropriate strategy.